Online Finishing, Titling and Layback

24 Frames has some of the finest and most experienced personnel here to guide your project from the locked cut to the master output. Our finishing editor starts by conforming your project and bringing your media online. The online phase of a project is where the details shine through, and our experienced staff have the technical skills you'll need to master for multiple formats and versions, while providing detailed quality checks so you can focus on the creative aspects.


We provide exceptional titling services and our finishing editor works hand-in-hand with the colorist to ensure that the project is done perfectly. The opportunity to split screen your locked cut alongside the conformed and finished product is offered at numerous times so that you can see how far along your project has come. You will be amazed with how well your project comes together during the Online phase, we guarantee it!

Our online finishing and mastering services include:

- Conform

- Titling

- Pro Tools HD audio with full mix, sweetening, and ADR capability

- Layback

- Mastering (Numerous formats supported, click here for more info)

- Transcription, In-House Closed Captioning, and Described Video

- Detailed Quality Control services for Video as well as Stereo and 5.1/7.1 Audio

- QC Fixes

- DVD and Bluray Authoring