Video and Audio QC (Quality Control)

Having QC'ed more than 30 feature films in 2014 alone, 24 Frames has become one of the premiere facilities for Audio and Video QC in Canada. Start off by booking a time to bring your finished project over to us and meet our team. Our standard turnaround time for a QC is 24 hours for a Video QC or 48 hours for Video and Audio. If you need it sooner, let us know and we'll be happy to work with your schedule.

Once we've begun, your project is checked using a Broadcast Monitor and a compliment of high end equipment to ensure that we are flagging anything your team might have missed during the creative process. Once the QC is finished, we submit a full QC report including a description of the problem as we see it, the time code, and the severity of the issue. We can even offer to have you come sit down with an operator to review the report and have us walk you through what was flagged and how it can be fixed.

Any QC report done by 24 Frames includes a reduced hourly rate for fixes, so in addition to a competitive rate for the QC itself, any fixes can be addressed immediately without breaking your budget. If you've never had a QC done with us, contact us today for a special introductory rate.